Dragon Snacks Family Game For Ages 4+

Each player must pay 4 yuan in tribute to the emperor. If a player does not have enough money, he must release 1 person of his choosing from any 1 of his palaces for each missing yuan. After each player plays a person card, a monthly 5 dragons event takes place. In subsequent rounds, each month’s event is dictated by the next event tile in the event row, going from left to right in order. After that round’s event, turn the corresponding event tile face down.

Dragon Game

Note that this can lead to the complete disappearance of an unpopulated, one-story palace. Each player must release 3 persons of their choosing from their palaces. A player can protect his province from the spread of disease through the services of his healers in that, for each mortar pictured on a player’s healers, he releases 1 fewer person.

The goal is to land a direct hit on the egg at the top of the level to hatch the baby dragon. Check the help section in the settings menu for tips about special kinds of bubbles. Our mission is to produce engaging articles like reviews, tips and tricks, game rules, strategies, etc. If you like the content of a board game on this site, please consider to buy the game. Through extensive research, we bring everything you need to know about board games.

Each player moves his scoring marker forward on the scoring track as many spaces as the total number of helmets on all warriors in his palaces. If a player does not have enough rice tiles, he must release 1 person from each palace that he cannot supply (in which case the affected player chooses which palace will go unsupplied). Each player must return 1 rice tile to the supply for each palace in which he has at least 1 person.

After an event occurs, each player must check to see if he has any uninhabited palaces. If so, each such palace must be reduced by 1 floor.

When a player chooses this action, he pays either 2 yuan to obtain a small privilege or 6 yuan for a large privilege. When a player chooses this action, he takes 1 yuan from the supply for each of the 2 coins shown on the card as well as 1 additional yuan for each coin shown on any tax collectors he has in his palaces. Each player must summon his first 2 subjects to court. Additionally , each player takes 4 palace floors and builds 2 palaces with 2 stories each in his playing area, and takes 6 yuan. 1 game overview, placing it handy near his playing area.

Acquiring new persons does not entitle a player to immediately take new rice tiles, fireworks tiles, money, victory points, etc . Rather, the person tiles generate resources only through corresponding actions chosen by the player in later action phases. When a player plays a card with a question mark, he may choose any person tile from the display. Afterward, the player moves his person marker forward on the person track the number of spaces equal to the value on the new person tile. The player then takes the matching person tile from the board and places it below any 1 of his palaces. If all of his palaces are full, he may replace 1 of his existing person tiles. The displaced courtier is then “released from royal service”.